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Practical & Professional Uses of Water Resistant Flashlights

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7439 Tac Light
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What the Pros Know
Professional divers, firemen and rescue works have long known that you do not get to wait for the ideal weather conditions to do your best work. If someone needs help, you go. When you are working in all sorts of weather extremes, you invest in the best type of equipment for the job. Water resistant flashlights are one such tool.

LED flashlights that are water resistant are the perfect flashlight for workers who often find themselves in dimly lit situations with little back-up and less than perfect weather conditions. A water resistant LED torch can cut a swath of light through a thunderstorm, illuminate a dark corner at an accident scene, and accompany a diver searching for wreckage under water. These lights have proven their worth to many rescue professionals because of their strong, bright light, and long life.

Learn From the Pros
While few of us will encounter the extreme elements such as those that professional rescue professionals endure, we can learn from their experience. LED flashlights have a long life. Their light will burn much longer than a traditional flashlight. When the light starts to age, it will gradually become dimmer. It will not suddenly stop working. Even as the LED light loses strength it still provides more light than comparable traditional flashlights.

Water resistance may seem like a detail that you are unlikely to ever need, but you may want to reconsider. While you may never take your torch diving to 60 meters below, if you are in the rain on the side of the road changing your tire, it is nice to know that your flashlight can handle the weather.

A water resistant LED flashlight should be a part of every emergency kit prepared. The bulbs are much sturdier than bulbs in a traditional flashlight. LED lights can tolerate a large amount of abuse and in particular, many water resistant LED torches and flashlights are made specifically to withstand hard use. LED Lenser brand for instance, has a complete line of such flashlights that are specifically made for the demanding needs of law enforcement, fireman and other professionals.

If you are not familiar with LED flashlights you will be surprised at the life of one. While a typical flashlight bulb will last a few months with intermittent use, a LED flashlight will last years. They are also very energy efficient. This translates to superior battery life and overall long-term cost savings. Although it is always a good idea to carry extra batteries with any flashlight, an LED torch uses much less energy than a comparable flashlight, saving both the cost of batteries and reducing the odds of being out somewhere and having dead batteries in your flashlight.

Professionals have known for a while the value of these lights. With the long lifespan and durability that a LED torch provides, people that use flashlights know they make an excellent choice. Campers, hunters and fisherman have been in on the secret for a while as well. A sturdy water-resistant LED flashlight is a key component of many outdoorsmen's gear.

A water resistant LED flashlight is an excellent purchase, even for the average person. Store it in the glove compartment of your car and you will have it for any roadside emergency you may encounter. Keep one in near the door of your basement at home where you know where to find it for emergencies like a flooded basement or power outage.

Choosing a LED flashlight that meets your needs is as simple as doing some shopping. LED lights provide a strong clear beam of light, even in the most compact size. You will find that you can purchase a smaller light than you would need in a traditional flashlight. A water resistant, durable LED flashlight is an excellent investment that will last for years.  It makes sense to spend the time choosing the style that you like best and that you will get the most use from. 

~Ben Anton, 2008

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