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New LED Light Bulbs Can Replace Flourescent Lighting

LED technologists have made a tremendous stride toward the worldwide transition from standard fluorescent lighting toward more efficient LED options.  The EverLED TR is a new LED fluorescent bulb that utilizes existing fluorescent ballasts found in all fluorescent lighting fixtures.  The new bulbs provide the same light output but with the efficiencies and cost savings of light emitting diode (LED) technology.

The benefits of LED lighting technology have been affirmed across the world.  Features such as energy savings, long service life, high quality light, and cold temperature operation make them the superior lighting design.

The EverLED TR is the first commercially available product that enables conversion to LED technology without replacing or altering the existing lighting fixture. The bulbs do not contain mercury or lead and have no glass to break.  The technology also reduces the power needed to create the light.  All it takes to make an office more efficient is to replace existing bulbs with these new LED options. 

This revolutionary technology will usher in the transition of light energy efficiency in commercial properties at a much faster rate than earlier anticipated.

The EverLED TR is made of recyclable materials and boasts a 10 year service life.  If you are in the process of building or are in need of replacing bulbs in your home or office, visit LEDdynamics or ask about them at your local home lighting store.

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